Pastor's Page

Hello, I am excited to be a part of the ministry done by FBC of North Stonington for both the Church and the local area. A bit of my background data follows. I was born and raised in the rolling hills of Sussex County, New Jersey. I was one of 14 children born to Walter and Genny Banach both in Germany and America. At age two and half I went to live with the Vance Family that would in time adopt me in 1968. I lived in the county for many years attending school in the Sussex County, both in grade school and high school. My undergraduate work was completed at both Upsala College and William Paterson College in the realms of history, English, social science, and education. The time period was throughout the 1980s. I completed my M.Div. from S.B.T.S. in Louisville, Kentucky May 17, 1996.

I gave my first sermon at Glenwood Baptist Church, Glenwood, New Jersey in the late summer of 1988. I have been preaching for 33 years, and have spoken in 13 states throughout the West Coast, Mid-West, Mid-South, Eastern Coast, and the New England Region. My sermons deal with life issues, teachings of Jesus, Bible based chapters, and pastoral care. I have been a local pastor in various regions for over 19 years' time and I like to be called Preacher.

I value the local church and want people to know about Jesus' story of hope for tomorrow, the act of Atonement, healing, and the coming day of Christ's return. My feelings about society rest in the fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still a major impact in the World today. With this ever changing World one needs to find help in regard to a firm foundation that brings feelings of stability. Jesus Christ is that point and person who does this. The Bible passages that state these points are Romans 8:28, Proverbs 16:9, Psalm 121, and Luke 8:22-25. These sections explain the inner view of the World today and its relationship with the Bible.

My hobbies include sports, old TV shows, old westerns, old movies, music of all kinds, and reading about people's lives. I never stop learning about the World around me. In light of this it is my reflection that the old statements made by past generations still hold true today. The old sayings that our grandparents spoke about still float well. I rest comfortably in those views, while still searching the Bible to bring aid to those around me. 

I invite you to join us, there is a place for you here.

Blessings to all....
Pastor Thomas D. Vance